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Look no further than Taylor Hardwood Flooring for expertly completed hardwood floor refinishing in Middletown, NY. As a reputable, comprehensive hardwood contractor, we are able to provide you with every aspect of your floor’s renewal—we can guarantee that our team will breathe new life into your gorgeous walkways.
Hardwood floor restoration is a tough job to handle, so it is typically best left to the professionals. If you want to retain the beautiful, authentic appearance of your flooring, Taylor Hardwood Flooring is the company to accomplish that for you. We are known throughout the area for enhancing hardwood, rather than changing it, like many of our competitors. 
We begin by cleaning your floors to remove the years of dirt. From there, we will focus on hardwood sanding, a delicate and often difficult task to complete when you are attempting to keep any natural features of the floor. Finally, our reliable team will stain your floors to give them a complete makeover.
The team at Taylor Hardwood Flooring is not limited to restoration services; if you have any damage to your floors, we can repair them quickly and for an affordable price before beginning any refurbishing work. We believe everyone deserves a floor that they love, so we want to make sure we take every step to put your hardwood in its best possible state.
Refinishing is a standard part of hardwood floor maintenance over the years. Rather than attempting to complete this work on your own, allow our experienced professionals to tackle the job, and you can rest assured that you will love the results. 

Give us a call today to take advantage of our free estimates and to get started working toward the floors of your dreams!

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